Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I've made great progress on pushing through a truly embarrassing backlog of unanswered emails that accumulated during this last series of computer problems. Oh, who am I kidding? This last series of computer problems has been going on for almost two years with no end in sight. I wish I knew why every electronic gadget/gizmo/necessity I touch practically blows up in my face when I just look at it.

Maybe it's genetic. My mother was one of those people who killed watches just by strapping them onto her wrist. Rolex or Timex, it didn't matter. Once she put it on, its little mainspring was doomed. Within an hour, the watch would gasp, sputter, then roll over and die.

Didn't I say yesterday that I was my father's daughter? Clearly I am my mother's daughter as well because in the last few months the litter of my electronic curse has grown: electronic ignition on the stove; television; VCR; VCR/DVD player; three laptops; label maker; dishwasher; central air conditioning. It's reached the point where my husband shields his laptop with his body when I walk by.

Admission: I told my inner clock to wake me at six.

It didn't.

Becoming a morning person is hard work.

See that drawing below? It's pen and ink on Bristol Board, created during the summer of 1964 when I was fourteen years old.

Yes, I was not only a Beatlemaniac, I loved The Searchers too. (Especially the drumer, Chris Curtis.) Freedomland was an amusement park that was popular at the time. Kapp was a record label. (I think they produced Ruby & The Romantics, among others.) There's a story there that I'll have to tell you one day. And Murray the K! Does anyone out there remember Murray the K? He was the voice of 1010 WINS, back when it was a rock 'n' roll station in New York City. Murray the K and His Swingin' Soiree. He was married to Jackie the K (who went on to great success as a soap star - Jackie Zeman) whose fashion icon at the time seemed to be Priscilla Beaulieu not-yet-Presley. Big brunette beehive hair. Tight capris. Little tank top. Murray was the hipster swinger type, a blend of 50s cool and 60s evolving freedom. To be honest, he dressed like a cross of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, and a golfer. He had a special language we all spoke--wish I could remember the name. It was New York Pig Latin, I guess. Mee-uh-zurry the Kee-uh-zay. Wonder if the enemy was able to break the code . . .

Today's Quote

You can't have everything. Where would you put it?
--Steven Wright



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