Friday, April 6, 2007

Why I Love Kali and Marie

A big box of fabulousness arrived from Brooklyn today and made this Jersey girl (by way of Queens) very, very happy.

Tell me that isn't gorgeous stuff! And that's just a tiny bit of the goodies. There are decorated cookies. Handmade nut clusters. Marie's Faux Mounds Bars. Handmade lollipops, both long-lasting and marshmallow. Chocolate-covered candy eggs. All from the extremely productive kitchen of the gloriously talented, creative, beautiful, sophisticated, fascinatingly wonderful Marie . . . who just happens to be the mother of my pal Kali who is the Food Goddess at my website.

I know they're embarrassed right about now but it serves them right. I couldn't think of anything wonderful enough to say to them in email so I figured a little public praise was in order.

Thank you, ladies!! I love you madly.


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