Friday, June 22, 2007

One A Day

I made a vow tonight at Romancing The Yarn and I'm going to repeat it here: I hereby promise to post every day between now and July 31st.

Even if it's nothing more than, "Hi, how're you doing," I'm going to post something every single day or die trying.

Something happens to me when I'm between books and I don't like it. Between typing "The End" and "Chapter One" I forget every single thing I know about writing and turn into a whimpering cowardly fool who can't string two words together. I approach the computer like it's a hungry lion and I'm a package of ground chuck. All of the confidence and momentum and sheer joy I'd experienced during the end run on the last project vanishes and the only thing that remains is the certainty that I'll never write again.

There's only one way to keep that hungry lion away from me and that's to keep throwing words into the cage, lots of words. Preferably on a daily basis. Words magically conjure up more words and those words turn into sentences and paragraphs and chapters and books. But none of this will happen if I don't sit my butt down at the laptop every single morning and write.

So that's what I'm going to do.

Starting now.


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