Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Productive Day

It must be the Puritan work ethic making an unexpected appearance, but I managed to get a lot done today and I feel fantastic. Almost embarrassingly proud of myself for pushing through a number of projects that needed to be either started or finished before another month races to a close.

  1. I finished the Step socks for Roy (don't ask how long they took to complete)

  2. I launched Yarnapalooza at Romancing The Yarn

  3. Which means I photographed yarn, tweaked the photos, then uploaded them

  4. Which also means I tangled with Earthlink's hosting for the website

  5. I wrote up my July website letter

  6. Answered some emails, wrote others

  7. Cooked

  8. And managed to enjoy the absolutely most beautiful day of the year so far from the backyard deck.

Life is good.


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