Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Overheard at the Seville Diner

Writers are great eavesdroppers. Set us down in the middle of a crowd and we're bound to walk away with at least five juicy tidbits drawn from conversations around us.

I found this one in an old notebook this afternoon.

Overheard at the Seville Diner on Route 18 in East Brunswick on Friday afternoon, May 23, 1997:

Woman #1: He called and asked Denise to fly over on Sunday for the French Open.
Woman #2: Oh my God, he didn’t! What did she say?
Woman #1: She told him no.
Woman #2: What is she, crazy? We’re talking France!
Woman #1: Her hair appointment wasn’t until Monday.
Woman #2: And he couldn't wait???

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