Monday, May 26, 2008


I haven't gone out to the movies since CHICAGO came out a few years ago but I intend to be first in line Friday for SEX AND THE CITY.

Which, if you think about it, is pretty funny since I was single for less than 90 days in my adult (read: over 18) life.

What can I say? I love the show. I love the characters. I love the writing. Yes, it has its flaws, many of them, but it can do more with 20+ minutes than most full length movies can do with 2 hours.

You've probably heard the rumor that Big dies. Personally that wouldn't bother me a bit. I'm not crazy about his character. I'm not even all that crazy about Carrie. I find Miranda the most fascinating; her journey through the series covered the most ground. If you think about the brittle, unyielding Miranda from Season 1 versus the Miranda who bathed her husband's mother at the end of Season 6--well, no contest.

Charlotte is a close second. Her evolution from pampered Park Avenue princess to a compassionate woman was emotionally satisfying. I loved that she knew what was important for her and kept moving toward it year after year, even when it looked like she would never find her soul mate.

Samantha is okay. Strong, self-reliant, a hell of a great friend. Definitely the funniest of the four, thanks to Kim Cattrall's amazing performance. But really--do you honestly think she's going to stay with Smith? Slutty Richard was the love of her life.

And Carrie. Sorry but she lost me when she screwed around on Aidan. Yes, I understand the hows and the whys of it but to me she remained skittish and guarded through all six seasons. Not to mention incredibly self-absorbed. I don't see a future with her and Big, no matter how hard I try.

And don't get me started on Steve's infidelity. I am very upset about that. Can't we have one couple who manages to make it work? I mean, they didn't even make it to the five year mark without hitting the marital skids. I know it's crazy to be so invested in fictional characters, but I really wanted their marriage to work. I loved them together. I loved them in Brooklyn. (That's the girl from Queens in me speaking.) I loved that her orderly constricted life had been blown to hell by the unexpected.

I noticed Sean Palmer isn't listed on any of the credits. I hope that doesn't mean Stanford and Marcus broke up. And I really hope that doesn't mean something happened to Marcus.

We'll find out on Friday.



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