Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Didn't Forget

I didn't forget. It just seems that way.

We were driving down I295 yesterday morning, zooming past Exit 65 and the double-headed sculpture I posted last time and the light bulb went off. Good grief! I never explained it, did I? I set up the question, posted the photo, then left you wondering if I'd (just possibly) lost what's left of my mind.

The jury's out on that last question but I can finally put you out of your collective misery about the double-headed sculpture.

The sculpture is called Head 2 Head. The artist is John Martini. And you can find it at one of the more amazing places in New Jersey: Grounds for Sculpture. I mean, you think you know the Garden State. We're the Sopranos, Springsteen, Atlantic City, and the world's best tomatoes. Well, guess again. We're also an incredible sculpture park right near (of all places) Trenton! Yes. Stephanie Plum territory. I laugh every time we drive past the Head 2 Head and wonder, "What would Stephanie think?"

Note: Head 2 Head is part of the Sculpture Along the Way program run by Grounds for Sculpture. If you love art, if you love sculpture, if you love the unexpected, keep your eyes open next time you're on I295. You won't be disappointed.

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