Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Last Living Grecian Hairdo Found in Captivity

We were crossing the parking lot when I saw her. She was part of a crowd of shoppers exiting Target. She carried a leather shoulder bag and four plastic shopping bags filled with goodies. She also wore turquoise blue capri pants, a raspberry t-shirt, and espadrilles. She was somewhere between forty and sixty, one of those women whose age is all blurred . . . but in a good way. Her pale blond hair was styled in an upsweep which wouldn't be all that weird in itself except for the nest of Grecian curls.

How many of you remember Grecian curls? They were de rigeur for prom night when I was in high school (that's me in the photo, prom night 1967, 2 days before I turned 17) (between the heels and the hair I must've topped out at 6'2" that night!) but the last time I saw a woman wearing Grecian curls was on a Braniff Airlines flight from DFW to Las Vegas in May 1985 and it was a hairstyle flashback then.

Talk about a trip down Memory Lane . . .

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