Someone Like You

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A multi-layered novel with well developed characters and complicated family relationships, SOMEONE LIKE YOU will keep readers captivated. Highly recommended.

Marilyn Heyman
Romance Reviews Today

SOMEONE LIKE YOU -- Barbara Bretton
ISBN: 0-425-20388-3
July 2005
Women's Fiction

"A master at touching readers' hearts"*, USA Today bestselling author Barbara Bretton now explores the emotional journey of two sisters and the healing truth of an unforgettable family legacy . . .

"We need you. Come home" . . . When Joely Doyle was old enough she packed her bags, left home, and set out to create her own identity—away from the faded photographs of the father she never knew, and the faded dreams of her mother Mimi who waited forever thereafter for his return. Now, a pleading phone call from her estranged sister Cat has urged Joely back to Maine for their mother's bittersweet, final days. For Joely, now in love with a man of her own, home means scores to settle, debts to be paid, and a family history to finally unravel. But the more she discovers of her sister's life, her father's secrets, and her mother's sacrifices, the closer she comes to understanding the twists of fate that shaped her past, and the choices she must now make that will define her future.

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