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If you're like me and still cling to the old-fashioned art of handwritten correspondence, you might like to check out Classic Communications. When was the last time you placed an internet order (or any order, for that matter) and received a phone call from the owner a few minutes later, asking your permission to delay your order one week so you could take advantage of a juicy 20% discount that would be in effect at that time? I'm crazy about the correspondence cards I ordered from Classic Communications. In fact, if you've received a note from me lately, guess where I bought the cards?


Needleworkers the world over seem to suffer from the same problem: there are just so many uses for all of the embroidered pillows, needlepoint cushions, hand-knit socks and gloves and hats. Sooner or later you find yourself stowing your finished projects in the closet and feeling slightly guilty. (Okay, maybe not all that guilty. Those of us who are addicted to handwork can't give it up, no matter what.) Still, wouldn't it be wonderful if you could knit to your heart's content and literally spread warmth around the world? Check out -- maybe one of the organizations described will appeal to you.

Writer's Organizations, Web Sites, Magazines:

Novelists Inc.
For published novelists.

RWA National
For published romance writers, unpublished, editors, reviewers, and enthusiasts.

Authors Guild
Our greatest ally.

Poets & Writers
A terrific site. A terrific publication.

Painted Rock Writers and Readers Colony
Everything you could possibly want, including classes.

Writer's Digest Magazine
Needs no introduction.

Romantic Times
All hail! The first and the best.

The Literary Times
Thoughtful, witty, entertaining.

Affaire de Coeur
An old favorite still going strong.

Romance Communications
Try it; you'll like it.

The Romance Reader

Under the Covers

Romantic Notions
Things that go bump in the night and more.

You'll love it!



Penguin Putnam

Writerly Sites That Defy Categorization:

Twists, Slugs and Roscoes: A Dictionary of Hard-Boiled Slang

The Unofficial Mickey Spillane/Mike Hammer Site

Books Books Books:
Don't ask. My American Express card hasn't been the same since I found this place.

Barnes & Noble
Another giant site that's more entertaining than prime time TV. - the terrific website of De De Teeters' wonderful store ARMCHAIR BOOKS in Port Orchard, Washington. If you're ever in the neighborhood, make sure you stop by and say hello.

Great source for used and/or out-of-print books.

And so is this.

A Common Reader
Opinionated, quirky, solid gold.

Manderley Books
Definitely ask for a print catalogue.

World's Greatest Search Engines:



Daily Pleasures:

Willa's Journal
The first on-line journal I ever read and still my favorite. (Willa is also my Web Goddess.)

For Better or For Worse I couldn't live a day without the Pattersons. A comic strip that reads more like a visit with old friends.

Sensual Feasts:

Do you love beautiful fountain pens, velvety-smooth inks, and paper so creamy your nib almost floats across the page? If so, do I have some URLs for you . . .

My idea of heaven on earth. Everything a reader and/or writer could possibly want. Practical pens. Fancy pens. Jewel-toned inks in sapphire and emerald and ruby. The most glorious writing papers ever made. Your pen will love you for it. Bookmarks. Highlighters. Writing desks. Reading lamps. To die for.

They just opened up a shop at Grand Central Station. Gorgeous, exotic pens that are every bit as pricey as jewelry.

You can call 1-800-PENSHOP and ask for a catalogue.

You must visit this site. It's difficult to blend high tech with the sensual aspects of pens and inks but Pendemonium managed beautifully.

The Magical, The Wondrous, The Silly, or the Just Plain Fun:

The Public 8 Ball

Get A Chinese Name

Changeling Legends from the British Isles

Medieval/Renaissance Food Homepage

Odin's Castle of Dreams and Legends

American Movie Drive-In Theatre

Totally Useless Office Skills

Yesterland: Discontinued Disneyland

Kiss This Guy: Misheard Song Lyrics

Internet Anagram Server

Kodak Picture Playground
Ever wonder how you'd look as a kitten?

Four Reasons Why You May Never Have to Leave the House Again:

Office Max



Cheap Joe's

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