Monday, July 9, 2007

I Have Now Officially Seen It All

So there I was in my car, waiting innocently on line to use one of the bank's drive-up windows when I saw her in the car next to me.

Her windows were open. Her radio was blaring oldies from one of central NJ's FM stations. The faint scent of tobacco wafted across on a hot, humid breeze. Just another average middle-aged woman biding her time while she waited her turn at the drive-up window.

Wait. What's going on? She's leaning forward, peering at herself in her rear view mirror. Her face is contorted. She lifts her hand and sunlight bounces off a slender metal object in her fingers.


She's plucking chin hairs with a pair of tweezers.

In public. In broad daylight. While I watched.

I thought I'd seen it all the day the kilt-clad bagpipe player materialized in front of me outside of King Kullen in West Islip but I hadn't.

Now I have.

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