Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So far, so good with this laptop. We passed our eighth month anniversary and I've encountered the Blue Screen from Hell only three times. I consider myself lucky. Vista and I had a terrible time getting acquainted but we made our peace around December and now I'm amazed to sayI wouldn't go back.

This is usually the time of year where all of my electronic equipment rolls over and plays dead. Last year I believe I lost three laptops in a six week period. (A new high for me.) The year before I took out an answering machine, telephone, television, and two laptops and I swear to you that all I did was press the start buttons.

I had a scare with my Kindle (Amazon's book reader) last week but a reset put it back where it should be.

Mostly this time of year I tread very lightly around anything that uses electricity.

I had to put my knitting aside for awhile this year (it was either write the book or knit; the book won) but now the urge to cast on something wonderful is overwhelming. I'm tempted by an Elizabeth Zimmerman blanket (good way to use up all of my Sirdar Highlander), some spiral socks (a can't-go-wrong gift idea), or maybe the Log Cabin blanket that's been calling to me for over a year. What can I say? I like to knit rectangles and squares, big high-impact items that don't require a whole lot of brain power when I'm working on a book. Hits of color and texture are just what you need when you're adrift in a sea of words.

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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Some Days Are Truly Special

We spent the afternoon at the Town Dump.

Once a year our Township opens the gates wide and allows its residents the privilege of trucking our junk to the dump. Wow. All this and almost $10K per annum in property taxes. Are we lucky or what?

I'll admit they keep a sense of humor about Dump Day. One year they decorated a back hoe with discarded stuffed animals.

Next Saturday is Get Rid of Old Electronics Day at the Township Recycling Center.

Now you're talkin' . . .

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