Sunday, June 10, 2007

How Will It All End Up?

I swore I wasn't going to mention Tony & Company but I can't help myself. I'm obsessed.

There. I've admitted it. I'm completely utterly totally obsessed with trying to figure out how David Chase is going to end nine years of the best television writing ever. The avid viewer in me has been glued to the screen the last few Sunday nights, too desperate to find out what happens next to wait for the On Demand replays. I have to know NOW how it's all going to play out.

Right now it's not looking too good for Tony. Christopher is dead. So's my beloved Bobby Baccala. Silvio is hanging on by a thread. They screwed up the hit on Phil Leotardo and now every sin Tony ever committed is looking for payback.

Who ever thought Paulie Walnuts would be the last soldier left standing with him?

So where's it all going to end up? That's the question.

Remember how we were told families never get hit? Well, think about that creepy encounter Meadow endured at Coco's restaurant two shows ago. You don't think that was random, do you? David Chase doesn't do anything randomly. There's meaning there and that meaning is clear: Nobody's safe. Not any more.

And what about Agent Harris's frequent visits to Satriale's Pork Store? You don't think it's just the capicola (gobbagool) bringing him in, do you? There's something clearly brewing with the anti-terrorism task force and Tony is in the middle of it. There's a train of thought that believes Tony's going to be rewarded for turning over some names but I think Tony would have to turn rat on his "family" if he wants to get into Witness Protection. But this is going somewhere, no doubt about it, and I'm going with it.

I can't help myself.

So here are my best guesses:

1. One of his children will die
2. Suspected terrorism will play into it
3. Tony will end up in the witness protection plan

Are you a Sopranos fan? How do you think it's going to end up?

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