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Joyce Bradsher

Here is Joyce, singing and playing lead guitar with her band Wild Child.

Joyce Bradsher was an artist/singer/actress and dear friend. (She was also Don H. Bowden's cousin and musical conspirator.) Joyce died on May 28th of this year of recurrent melanoma. She was only 45. Joyce appeared as an extra numerous times on Ally McBeal, Third Rock from the Sun, and other shows. If you rent the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck movie DOGMA, you'll see Joyce listed in the credits as "Concerned Woman."

She was kind, witty, and talented and she made a Killer Fudge I won't soon forget. When my father was diagnosed with a return of his colon cancer in January 1999, Joyce got to work and whipped up two pounds of this magical fudge and shipped it from her Los Angeles apartment to my New Jersey home and it was like she'd sent me a long-distance hug.

Her parents sent me this picture of her last week. It was taken by her cousin Tim Bowden at a bookstore in Santa Cruz, California during Thanksgiving weekend 1997.

(Make sure you check out the Killer Fudge recipe.)


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